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Combat the growing army of paid-for-hire cybermercenaries with effective security controls!

We specialize in data protection, security risk management and security infrastructure management​

WELCOME to 1stmarkets - AXTEO CyberSecurity Solutions!

Protect your corporate assets with cutting-edge data security technology and services!

1stmarkets, Inc. is a global supplier of innovative IT technology, consulting and professional services. 

AXTEO CyberSecurity Solutions a division of 1stmarkets provides cyber security professional services and consulting services to enterprise and government clients. AXTEO CyberSecurity provides organizations with a robust, comprehensive portfolio of specialized services, technologies as well as expertise to face today’s sophisticated IT security compliance requirements, combat advanced threats and prevent data breaches. Today's IT Security and Compliance challenges are fast developing and constantly changing, therefore you need a capable and committed partner - check us out! 

Go beyond Compliance - Mitigate Risk! 

... we secure your business

Strong defense needs Situational Awareness: “knowing what is going on so that you can figure what to do” (Adam 1983 DASC)

Sun Tzu: “If you do not know your enemies or yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle”

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