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Combining containment and mitigation capabilities with integrated security analytics, monitoring and alerting the Elemental Cyber Security Platform and Services provide you with the following key benefits:

  • Reduced time and cost for audits
  • Improved efficiency of security and IT staff
  • Unified visibility across IT security controls
  • Business aligned metrics to measure the compliance, value, and risk of systems
  • ‘Always-ON’ adaptive network access control

Our cyber-security technology platform and services program provides security policy expression, automatic deployment, monitoring and enforcement, together with reporting, alerting, containment and removal tools, but it is flexible enough to enable IT teams to manually monitor and take action if necessary. Having a human in the loop is still a pragmatic requirement and will be for a long time!

Seamless Policy Management System

Unified Policy Infrastructure – A unified framework for cross-platform security and regulatory policies spanning network traffic, operating system, users, hardware devices, applications and data.

Automated Targeting and Deployment – Dynamic grouping of systems based on user defined criteria describing the configuration, activity, and inventory of individual machines enable policies to be precisely targeted and automatically updated.

Extensive Policy Library – The Elemental Security Platform delivers more than 3000 individual security and configuration rules, plus an extensive array of editable, pre-defined policy templates for:

  • OS and application security baselines: NSA, CIS, NIST, DISA, and Microsoft
  • Regulatory requirements: SOX, PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, GLBA
  • Access controls to regulate network traffic between users, systems, and groups​
  • HW / SW inventory and activity controls